How Does it work

How does the PureWick® Innovation Work?

PureWick® provides a simple, safe, comfortable and effective Female External Catheter, reducing the need for in-dwelling urinary catheters.

A flexible, contoured external catheter (a “Wick”) is positioned against the area where urine exits the body. A slight vacuum (not felt by the user) pulls urine through the wick, even during full-speed urinations. Urine continues quickly through vinyl tubing until it reaches a storage jar, away from the body.

Wicks are positioned between the labia and gluteus muscles, but do not enter the vagina.


3 Easy Steps

1) Position wick comfortably between the labia and gluteus.

2) Attach wick to vacuum source tubing and set hospital wall vacuum to 40 mm Hg or connect to PureWick DryDoc Vacuum System™.

3) Replace wick at least once every 8-12 hours and when soiled.

how_does_it_workClick Here to watch our demonstration video and see how easy and comfortable PureWick® works.

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