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PureWick provides a female external catheter for bed and wheelchair bound women.

It was founded by Dr. Camille Newton, M.D. a San Diego County Physician who specializes in Geriatric care and performs house calls.  Dr. Newton identified the need for an external catheter solution for women who were suffering repeated urinary tract infections and developing superbugs with indwelling Foley or Suprapubic catheters.

Those patients also often require long-term home health care services which can cost Medicare more than $1,000 per month. Although external catheter options exist for men, there are no similar alternatives for women, so Dr. Newton founded PureWick to develop an external catheter solution for women.

PureWick is composed of a soft flexible EXTERNAL disposable 'wick' that is easily positioned with a woman seated or lying down. The 'wick' is tucked snugly between the labia and gluteus muscles - but external to the body. It does not require a seal or special adhesives. The "wick" is connected via a piece of tubing to a continuous low pressure vacuum pump (PureWick DryDoc) or to a hospital wall vacuum.  PureWick can also be used to collect accurate ins and outs, as well as collect urine for laboratory testing.

A Small Business, Woman-Owned, Gulf War Veteran-owned company, PureWick received San Diego CONNECT’s 2015 'Most Innovative Product' award (Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Category).

The PureWick System has been in research and development over five (5) years and was launched nationwide in January 2016. PureWick is an FDA Class I device, 510(k) exempt.

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