External Female Catheter

The PureWick® solution has shown an ability to
consistently capture and take away 95% or more of urine without entering or attaching to the body.

Benefits for Hospitals using PureWick®

  • No CAUTI’s
  • Lower pressure sore risk
  • Easy and quick to use
  • High patient satisfaction

Benefits for PureWick Users at Home

  • No infections
  • Does not require a Home Health nurse
  • Works while lying down or seated
  • Works overnight during sleep

Works where cups, funnels and bags fail

  • Works while lying on her back, her side or seated
  • Glue, tape and straps are not needed
  • Urine is not stored close to the body
  • Moves urine away as fast as it is expelled

Able to be used while seated in a Wheelchair

For years men have had an external catheter, now there is finally an external catheter solution for women.

  • Reduces need for risky 'in dwelling' catheterization
  • Does not hold urine next to the skin, prevents skin injury
  • Able to use while lying in a bed or seated in a chair
  • Able to collect urine for laboratory testing

Finally, a Female External Catheter

For use in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care, assisted living and residential home care.

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