A New Solution that is proven to work

The PureWick® solution has shown an ability to
consistently capture and take away 95% or more of urine without entering or attaching to the body.

Benefits for Hospitals using PureWick®

In addition to preventing pressure sores, it can help Hospitals avoid costly Workman's comp claims caused by staff lifting patients for diaper changes.

Reduces the need for Urinary Catheters

Reduction of urinary catheter use is a National Patient Safety Goal. Catheters are a significant cause of urinary tract infections, and create risk of other health problems.

Simple, Comfortable, and will make a difference

PureWick® is safe, non-invasive, and works while lying down or seated, awake or asleep.  No other incontinence management solution provides this level of comfort and performance.


PureWick® Offers Many Benefits for Patients

Incontinence patients who try PureWick® often rate it at “10 out of 10”. No specialized training or nursing services are required.

  • Skin protection and comfort
  • Reduces need for risky catheterization
  • Reduces need for diaper changes
  • Convenient urination for women seated in wheelchairs
  • No need to rush from bed to toilet
  • PureWick® eases the process of capturing urine for lab testing.


For use in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care, assisted living and residential home care.

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